Simple hood holdet gadget

Since everyone is supposed to stay home. …and bored…I whipped out this hood holder upper from a scrap of aluminum. .half hour or so

stainless would be ok too


Btw…this is just my prototype. Until I can get to a bending brake and really smooth one out. 21-64 hole

Better patent it before someone makes a copy! (HaHa)


Or you can use a kitty-litter scoop


Aha ha.
That mask would make a heck of a good ornament. I bet you could craft a way to do it James

I’ve used a small fireplace ash scoop, in a pinch!

No mask. None needed…!!!

I just took a chance on these and so far they work great. Really strong. Not sure what the issue was with the reviewer who says bolts don’t fit, they were fine for me…

Some of us are lucky enough to work from home and still get paid. But I’m still working ;(

No time for the Jag.

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I believe that the angle where the struts go creates too much leverage. …therefore why fight it…just create a gadget…maybe I should manufacture some.

They already make something. I actually use it pretty often. Cheap and good insurance

I have seen mechanics use them…my gadget is always…under hood so I don’t have to get it out…however the one you show would have less strain on it…either way works.


NO: I think his would strain more shi…never mind.


I use a tension-type shower curtain rod to hold the Fiberglas hood up on my MGB V8…they are adjustable for length.

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This brought back memories. ( smile) Almost 20 years ago I installed something similar. $5 US if I remember correctly.


My facelift model has the self locking hood support, it works well. Maybe someone here will know if it fits a pre-facelift.

Just curious what all the fuss is…I installed the Honda struts that Kirby mentions in the book, all is good. And they will be cheap to replace in ten years if I even have to.

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Bernie, your ideas have inspired many of us!

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I was at a car show some years ago, and watched as a gust of wind blew the hood down on an XJS. It was a cool day, and as the struts cooled down and lost some pressure, they weakened, and down came the hood, onto the catches. Not good. I call it “insurance”!

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Ok, that makes sense.

Only time my hood is up is in the garage, touch wood!


(Smile) I do remember that hood removal pulley system