Simple question for a jag newby Mk10

So what holds the rear frame/ diff/ suspension in?
Is it the 2 aside V shaped rubber mounts and the two lower drag arms? or is there more.

asking before i rip into it and do something silly

also if removing the rear, how high will I need to jack her up. IE a Number like bumper 4ft ??

That’s all part from the brake pipe and handbrake cable and exhaust pipes needing to be removed.
You can get away with less than 4ft probably, coming out the side means you can get away with less than coming straight back. Depends on your area that you are working in.

thank you for your quick reply. i have been working on brakes, so decided yo jack the back up so i could fit. jacked her up in the center. put stands under the chassis forward of the rear wheels. dropped the jack and the diff came with it… had a look around and as i wrote is all that i can see. surly there must be more ? but i guess not. ( the manual is not clear)



only 42 cm, measured from the base of the rear sill…IF you pull it out sideways
(thats only about 17" for you Yanks)…much higher if you go via the rear

drop it onto carpet and drag it out like a human mule with ropes

search for my “super easy radius arm removal” thread,
I made a special tool which turns that nightmare into a snack

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getting the exhaust apart is the hardest