Single DIN radio with double DIN screen

Hi- Has anyone put one of these newer single DIN radios with the double DIN screen? The way the dashboard is stepped back as it goes lower, plus the height of the shift surround, makes this design of radio NOT a slam dunk. Wondering if anyone has pulled it off and which model you used. My Jags all have Walmart radios and it’d be nice to get one of these radios with Apple CarPlay. You can get your phone navigation on there, and typically hook up reverse cameras and other neat stuff.

Random example:

Looks like on my ‘88 it would block the climate control knobs, the travel computer (which would be no great loss), and part of the center air outlet. I would also check the chassis depth, as my Pioneer single DIN is a tight fit. The backup camera would be a nice addition, along with the other features.

The following comment depends greatly on your taste in music.

Looks like it will not have a CD player, unless you can somehow swing out the big screen while you load a CD.
No big deal unless your taste gravitate towards classical and opera. I just cannot bring myself to spending hours loading a selection of my favourite music onto a cell phone or USB stick, quite apart from the question of quality.
Fortunately the 2017 XF I just bought has a CD player. A brand new Corolla for Isabelle bought a few months ago has none. She is a bit peeved about that, and a suggestion she try loading a selection onto her iphone or a USB stick would not be welcome.

Oh geez I never thought about how wide it was. Was only worried if it would clear the bump out for the trip computer (that can go away next time I have the veneer redone) without hitting the shift surround. Maybe I can find something narrower. The far knob will be hidden ni matter what because if the angle.

As long as your climate control works, you probably won’t have to access the knobs often; I set mine at 68F and low auto mode for winter…in summer, 75F and low auto.

I have been trying to work out a way to do what you want for a while as well. I have an X Type in which l installed a 10" screen and it’s great. The XJ-S…not so easy, not without blocking bits as you know. One of those single din units with a 7" screen that folds back into the unit ( some are automatic and some you push) is the only option l can suggest.

The fold out kind would definitely hit the raised shifter surround :confused: