Size of bolts retaining trans cover at forward edge?

there are four threaded nuts in the panel at the front of the transmission/gearshift cover. They seem too big for #8 and too small for 1/4 inch.

I need to chase them with a tap.


I’d have to check mine this weekend but I thought mine were speed nuts. I have pan head sheet metal screws there.

Can you post a photo of the threaded nuts you are referring to? The gearbox cover doesn’t use any threaded fasteners but the radio console does. Maybe that’s what you’re looking at?

It depends which tunnel cover you have. Mine and his have 4 holes on the front flange of the cover where it screws to the bulkhead.

I just double checked the parts listing for the gearbox covers on Series 1 and 2 cars, none of them list any threaded fasteners - but there are many places where the actual cars vary from the official manuals. Maybe you can tell Bill what size your’s were?

Number 10 sheet metal screws


My '69 FHC uses (12) #10x.625" flat head flat point sheet metal screws with elongated washers. Mine has qty. 12

OK. Thanks all.

That’s what I ordered. But the one on the forward portion felt like they were resisting too much, like stripping, and then I threaded a #8 machine screw in one.

I will have to get behind (the insulation) and see if there are those speed clip flanges welded behind. Car is at painters now

They are! You can see them in my photo

Yup mine look like Steve’s photo. Note they’re welded to the bell housing side of the metal. They’re little rectangular things, no threads, just a single grabby edge.