Slalom in Pre-XK

I did a search and the latest thread I found relating to slaloms in Pre-XK is over 13 years old. Anyone here ever slalom their car with JCNA? I slalomed my Mk-IV saloon once last year, and became the 2022 JCNA Class A slalom champ with a time of 60.724. I defended it at the International Jaguar Festival last month, and won again with 62.067, so looks like I’ll be the 2023 champ as well. Both years there was only one other Class A competitor. Anybody up to joining us next year?

The JCNA site does need some updating in certain areas. I campaigned my XJS in the Slalom for years and decided to build a modified XKE Coupe. After sorting it out, I won National Championship for a number of years, even setting an all time record of 37.72 seconds which still stands as the fastest of any Jaguar ever to take on the course. However, even though I was putting on the slalom for our club (NGJC), I was often the only one showing up. The Tennessee club dissolved, the Carolina Club stopped holding slaloms, and the Jaguar Society of South Carolina did not hold them until the IJF on a regular basis. The closest club with a regular slalom is in the Lakeland area. An 8 hour drive for me. I ended up selling the car to a person in that area who has been running it and is fastest in the H class on a regular basis. It was not fun to drive on the street with all of it’s modifications. It was nice seeing you and John go head to head and you were pretty close in times. I think the newer people do not want to flog their cars around the track as in the past. Fond memories but in the past for now.


I think Ginger Corda did slalom her SS2 OT. @Ginger
In Florida.


Hey Dick,

It was nice meeting you at the IJF. Theresa and I looked for you at the JCNG Concours a couple of weeks ago before vaguely remembering you saying you weren’t going to be there. I probably shouldn’t have, as I was also registered at the All British show in Safety Harbor, FL, the day before. At the last minute I decided not to go to Safety Harbor as i would have had to drive most of the night from there to the Gainesville, GA, show the next day. I’m getting too old to keep doing stunts like that.

I offered to meet John in Kansas City for a slalom re-do several weeks later. He declined. Said he pushed his car to it’s max and didn’t think he could do better. He said he did the last 2 runs in 1st gear, which cut a couple of seconds off his time, but he said his engine was screaming and he could hear the valves hammering. OUCH! If we had met in KC, that would have been a 7-hr drive for him and 16-hr drive for me…one way.

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