Sloppynes of dog that joins oil pump to pump/distributor drive shaft

The little round thing with the square hole that joins the drive shaft to the oil pump is a little loose on the pump drive. Installed, it’s much tighter, and when I turn the crank either way I feel a little play. Should it be replaced or is this normal. All four manuals don’t mention a thing about this.
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Sounds about right, the slight movement would allow for any small mis-alignment.

I assume you are referring to this?

A small amount of slop shouldn’t be an issue, as the part only works in one rotational direction (hopefully :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) so there would be very little motion that would create any significant wear. I wouldn’t worry about a little slop as long as it firms up once engaged. JMHO, only worth what you paid for it…

If it firms up once installed then that suggests to me that it would be very hard to install if there was zero play, and might even bind.

You must be able to slide it up and down. It must not be too tight to do this.

Thanks guys (assuming that there’s no ladies here). It does slide reluctantly up and down a bit. With that settled it’s on to the pistons. My new Mahl pistons are almost too pretty to hide inside the engine. One of the originals still has the engine number in pencil on the side. I’m keeping that one and will display it in a glass case.

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