Slow air leak from tire

Have you guys ever heard of tires that develop slow air leaks, then “fix” themselves?

I hadn’t driven my F-Type for over a month (a crime in itself, I know, I know). When I took it out, it complained of low tire pressure in 3 or 4 of the wheels. When I got to the service station, they were indeed a bit low, but not dangerously so.

A few days later I took the car out again, and this time it complained about low pressure in just one wheel. When I got to the service station, the tire was so deflated I could actually see it. It wasn’t completely flat, but visibly low. If I remember correctly, it was below 20 PSI. This is a 295/30 ZR20 rear wheel, so the tire isn’t much more than a rubber band around the rim anyway. If you can see that it’s deflated, it’s bad.

After filling the tire back up to 36 PSI, everything was fine. I’ve been using the car more in the week since then, with no more warnings. Yesterday I stopped by a service station to check the pressures, just to be on the safe side. All 4 wheels were still at 36 PSI, so no leaks.

In all my years of working on cars, I’ve never seen this before. Any thoughts on what could be going on?

'14 F-Type S Convertible

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Yes: it’s a bit inexplicable, and after checking for a nail or screw(using slightly soapy water in a squirt bottle) I then check stems.

I had one that would leak over a period of months.

My wife’s car did this, but I found a screw in it, then plugged it.

Hm, yes, that’s probably it. I don’t have a way to get the car off the ground, so it’s a bit hard to check, but I’ll give it a try. Did you plug it yourself?

Yep… the ONLY ones to use.

Used them on race slicks.

I had a problem with one tyre that would lose pressure and then not lose it. Turns out there was a spot on the rim where, if the wheel stopped with that spot at the bottom, it would deform the bead and leak slightly.
From memory I had the wheel trued up.

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Every time it’s happened to me it turned out to be some itty biity puncture that would only end up being visible in a tub of water.

That’s why the soapy water spritz: works EVERY time!

OK, I’m going to buy myself a garage jack, a couple of jack stands, and a water spritzer bottle.

Thanks all!

Don’t forget the Safety Seals!