"Slurping" noise!

For all my engine-rebuilding life, I never thought about how to reference the sound of an engine with the pistons and rings installed, as it turned, during assembly.

One lister on here is rebuilding their engine and was concerned about it: I wasn’t quite sure what they were referring to, so they sent me a video, and it’s just the typical sound of new ring drag, and they called it a "slurping noise ", and I thought that’s a perfect description of the sound!

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Could you please explain ring drag?

That’s where male rings dress up as female rings, often in the style of Barbara Streisand, Cher or Diana Ross.


Well, I was going to explain it, but since you’re an engineer, I don’t dare contradict what you put down…:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Technically, a retired engineer. So I could be mistaken.

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It’s the sound caused by the rough cast piston rings, rubbing on the rough honed cylinder walls. Until those two surfaces are worn a bit smooth, they tend to make that "slurping noise ".

'Usta be a spec somewhere where you could attach a tension scale to a piston with fitted rings, drag it down the bore and record the actual drag in lbs.

For a while Patsy from AbFab was a popular choice.

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I will ALWAYS go with RuPaul!!!


Wait… how can you tell male rings from female rings?

Kurious in K’burg

Very tricky. Under no circumstances should that be attempted in the company of alcohol and /or suboptimal lighting.

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I just wanna know what part do you pick up, to tell…:wink:

Tha gap of course…


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Pottery Barn rules apply: “Don’t pick up NOTHIN’!”

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