Small Part Needed

Gentlemen: the mechanic who has stored me 73 XJ6 all winter has just about completed the repairs on the car. And it did need a new starter.

He asked me to get a new hose clamp for the brake fluid hose returning from the resovore. It fits into the hose on one end and threads into the master cylinder on the other. It’s bent in a half circle.

I tried a couple of suppliers by it is no longer supported. Who was the gentle who dismantle Jaguars?

73 XJ6

Would help to know where you are situated as this is a world wide forum my suggestion (New Zeland) probably would be of ne use.

Hi Lou - It’s David Boger. Everyday XJ’s

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I’m not sure what you’re describing.

If memory serves, on the S1, the part that threads into the master cylinder and connects to the reservoir hose is just a common banjo bolt.

If you’re referring to the mini hose clamps on the reservoir hoses, I really like the Swedish 304SS ABA mini clamps. They are very similar to the original, but non-corrosive and nicely finished. In the US, they’re available from:

BTW my S3 master cylinder leaked over the winter. It happens.


Ron: I am in the USA, close to the east coast, in Pennsylvania.