Small problem viewing the E-Type forum

Hi all, I need some help viewing the forum. Everything was fine till a couple of weeks ago when the forum looked different from one day to the next. Apparently, the forum software now thinks that I am not using a supported browser. The problem I am having is with my apple laptop at home that has Safari 14.0 (If I remember correctly) installed. I have no such issues when using the PC at work. Any suggestions?

Hi BIll,

I moved this thread to Site Feedback, where it’s more on-topic.

I’m sorry to hear about your trouble accessing the forum. I use Safari a lot myself, without any problems. Mine says it’s version 16.2, though.

Could you please check the version of Safari when you’re in front of the Mac? And also try clearing all Jag-lovers cookies and stored (cached) pages. Please note that this means that you’ll have to log on to the forums again, so please have your password handy before you delete any cookies. There’s also no need to remove all cookies for all sites, just

Open Safari Preferences
Click the Privacy tab
Click the Manage Website Data… button

Next, in the new dialog that appears, enter in the search box
Click to select the Jag-lovers data
Click the Remove button
Click Done

Log back in, and please let me know if you’re still having problems.


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