Smaller steering wheel

Mine used Momo 2201, I have an 88 with no air bag.

Air bag or no, there is a different horn for early and late XJS
And potentially the splines.

Searching the archives for an hour (unintended consequence of the COVID-lockdown) seems to indicate that early adopters will do it, but it will be nice to hear more opinions:

After all, Chad Bolles posted the above in 2007, there must be more 1995s with Momo or other aftermarket steering wheels in 2020.

Found this on the JF. Reposting as this information might be relevant:

"So I was able to answer a few questions I had.

The JaguarSport wheel uses a standard MOMO 6-bolt mounting pattern, which is the same as Sparco and NRG.

Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40) 87-89: MOMO Part # 2202
Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40) 90-94: MOMO Part # 2207

I’d bet Jaguar has a special JaguarSport part number for both of those adapters, but I haven’t yet found any information on them.


I’d love to tell you what part numbers I have for my installed XJ40 boss and what is in my JaguarSport parts catalog. But I’m stuck in the US and Virgin has just cancelled my flight back to the UK. From memory I think it was the earlier XJ40 boss but I had to do some surgery to get it to work with my facelift horn mechanism.