Smartphone holder for XK120

Here is a 3D-printed smartphone holder for the steering column of my XK120 FHC, which gives the smartphone a good view and enables convenient operation and navigation. The sound is output via a BT loudspeaker located under the drawer.

The holder is clamped to the steering column. To prevent it from scratching the steering column or slipping on it, it is covered with rubber. The actual holder for the smartphone is a standard car holder for ventilation slats, which is clamped to the upper bar of the holder.

I also fitted two USB charging sockets to supply power to the smartphone and BT-loudspeaker. I screwed these to the wooden dashboard next to the drawer from behind using a simple holder, also created using 3D printing. As the electrics in my car are still original with ‘positive earth’, I connected the positive pole of the sockets to an earth point on the body and the negative pole to the supply line to the cigar lighter.

If desired I will provide the CAD files.