Smashing together an XJS and XJ6 differential

Hi- I have an ‘83 XJS diff 2.88 PowrLok. I have a 77 XJ6C diff 3.54(?ish) without limited slip. Can the gears from the XJ6 diff be harvested for a rebuild of the 2.88 PL ? This winter I will restart someone else’s abandoned XJ12C Series 1 Tribute with a Tremec 5 speed, out of an XJ6C Series 2 and the front clip off a Series 1 and a rusted out 83 XJS. Mongrel car needs mongrel diff. Thanks, John

I’ll bet the xj6c diff is a 3:31, mine is. Keeping the v12? that’s gonna be a very cool car. Can’t imagine a reason the gears wouldn’t bolt up but can’t say for sure. Others will surely know… Please make a build thread.