Smiths gauges external illumination

Hello folks
My dashboard is disassembled on the workbench. A good opportunity to replace the blue foil on the smiths instruments. Anyone know where to get these?
See the blue part in the picture. I don’t know the correct term: blue celastoid?
Thanx - Markus

Look at

I found some laundry product that was sold in blue plastic bottles, emptied it into a jar, and cut mine out of the bottle.


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I used a flexible translucent document sleeve from a stationery shop. If you’re doing the tacho and speedo you may also need to re-do the transparent plastic strips that hold them and the glass in place if they’re discoloured or distorted - a bit harder to source as it is thicker and also needs to be flexible, but I got mine from a specialist plastics supplier. Had to buy a rather large sheet.

While you’re in there maybe consider re-doing the stencil work - mine was cactus so I created the artwork and had them reproduced on water slide transfers. These were quite cheap - about $20 from memory. Repainted the faces, needles etc. It was a bit of fiddly work but am really happy with the results. I can send you the artwork if you like.




Markus, like Rob I look around for everyday items that will substitute for “no longer available” parts. I found a transparent blue plastic bottle as well which worked perfectly for the light diffusers As far as the clear plastic rings/spacers that Dave mentioned I discovered a clear plastic container that had a neck that was correct diameter for the instruments as well a having very good optical quality and the proper thickness, I carefully cut a section from the neck to the proper height for the tach and speedo to support the blue light diffusers and the glass lenses.

Thanks everyone for your replies.
I was hoping that the parts would still be available somewhere as reproductions. Then I’ll just have to make it myself. The challenge is to find a durable material. The last time I disassembled the dashboard was about 30 years ago. And it’s not done in 5 minutes :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

@Dave C: Many thanks for your offer. But my dials still look good. Gauges and switches are still original. Only the speedometer dial is a reproduction. MPH is not allowed in Switzerland.

amazing work, early car and in Australia!
please tell me more

It’s an XK-140 OTS. Delivered to the USA in Oct. 1956 (see also xk-data chassis no. 812929).
I am the owner since 1990. 1990 reimported to europe (switzerland).
Restoration duration 6 years. What I could, I did myself and kept as original as possible.
When it came to repainting, I opted for the original factory color: arbor-green. I don’t regret it to this day.
The reason for dismantling the dashboard again is the headlight switch: dim, flicker and off (Lucas, Prince of…) :laughing:

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