Smog to idler, and a Thank you

A couple of weeks ago, BobPhx posted a picture of an idler pulley and bracket he had made to replace the air pump on his car. As I have been using my air pump as an idler for a few years, that motivated me to have a go at making something myself. I didn’t have any aluminum stock, but I did have a steel bar from a tractor, which measured about one and a quarter by three eighths.
After the car’s last run (to an all-British car show at Lake Erie) I removed the old air pump and started sawing. Using Bob’s photo as a guide I made a simple bracket, and spacer, which would bolt up to the existing mounting on the car. I bought a four inch pulley in the hopes of using the existing belt.
The photos show everything before paint. A big Thank you to Bob for the idea, and as far as the car’s “Last run”, I will be getting a total hip replacement next Tuesday the 28th, so I will be off the road myself for a while. Lots of last minute stuff to complete first, though!


That looks nice Dave.
But I would be a bit weary with that long long bolt and spacer configuration.
I would somehow reinforce it, there will quite a lot of a side forces on it once you start tightening the belt.
Maybe a new bracket that mounts on the Alternator bracket or something ?

Looks good Dave!
Regarding the twisting, Aristides is correct. On my setup the spacer is countersunk through the bar, and they are welded together. You might consider countersinking and even JB welding. That will take care of the twisting force. Good luck with the hip!

Good luck Dave! Make sure to inspect the hip joint before you get it put in, and make sure it does not have “LUCAS” imprinted on it!

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There. Never did like welding in circles, but still… Welder was buried in a corner, but I dug it out!


That looks like some good welding.

That oughta do it! 20 chars.

A day or two. If it goes right, you’ll be out of the hospital the same day, and they won’t release you until you walk on it!


My dad is 84, and had his second knee replacement about four months back. He was walking pretty quickly after that. It’s amazing how quickly they had him up and around, as Kirby said, it’s mandatory. Last weekend he was under the eType swapping the exhaust system. (He has a quiet system and a loud system. He was putting the loud system back on. :grimacing:)


With a total hip replacement, the first task is to wait for the anaesthetics to wear off. This can actually take a couple of days, depending on which anaesthetics they used.

The second task is to wait for the swelling to go down. This can take a few weeks, and unfortunately it’s a PITA because you’re supposed to be wearing compression stockings and those things are miserable.

But the joint itself is simply no problem any more. I know someone who walked out onto the front porch to greet the physical therapist when they drove up. “Where’s the patient?” “I’m the patient!!” “Oh, hell, you don’t need me. Goodbye!”

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I’m expecting bionic hips by the time I’m in my 70s. And may as well get a bionic eye while I’m at the hospital.

Especially with the “goes in the front” procedure: it disturbs less muscle.

I have no real value to this conversation Dave , but good luck with your hip replacement. I do plan on doing something with the air-pump and a new pulley set up. And yes thank you Bob for humiliating me after I’ve whined ( like a nine year old girl) for the past two weeks after admitting the lower radiator hose was a PITA, and now you’re stating your Dad is crawling under an old e-type to switch out an exhaust system.
Once again , i’m a failure.

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I wear compression stockings. big pain in the… to get dressed in the AM.

My right hip is begining to squeak. Hope it lasts a bit longer.

Dave: I wish you the best. Speedy recovery and a pain free joint.

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I’m only in my late 50s, but if i need to crawl under Jag, i find some ibuprofen a half hour before seems to help a lot. I also now lay down cardboard and have a foam pillow. Seems to keep cold at bay and neck from straining. I still have 20 more years! :wink:

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I submit you are not: you may have a failure, but are not one.



Naw, not a failure. Just need encouragement to get you through the pain. I find that I’m ok while crawling around; its after that I pay.
I thought of you; yesterday I changed the radiator on my XJ-S and had to fight the lower radiator hose and heater hose. In spite of both being less than 2 years old, that bugger was on there! Had to be careful because I was reusing the hose.
One trick that I use whenever doing any repairs up front is to unbolt the hood, pad the rear corners, and prop it open at the front. Six screws on the grille, 4 on the hood, and 2 hood props does it, and then you have better access.

Thanks guys. Here I am grumbling about being old and stiff to crawl under Jaguars. I just received a call
from Cornwall in England. My dear old Dad just passed away at 93 years young this morning. He was an old car and ex RCAF plane guy. I’m going to miss his weekend morning face-time call. He always asked how the Jaguar and our dog Quincy was doing .
I walked out to that car this morning and it went back together smooth as silk. I’m driving it today like the old guy told me how to do it. I must admit I was getting annoyed at him for asking me if I got that lower rad hose on yet and his MG Midget was a far superior car .
End of my rants.

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My condolences… always tough.

Sorry to hear of your dads passing Gary.