Smoke coming from exhaust manifold area

I finally got my e-type running after sitting for a while. After about 1 minute of running the exhaust connected to the manifold starts to smoke. Only the one closet to the firewall and not the other one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Maybe some oil dropped onto it from the dipstick?

It‘s hard to see if your dipstick has the felt washer sealing the dipstick? There should a piece of felt between the collar on the dipstick and the block. My exhaust would smoke until the felt was installed. Further, I don‘t see the dipstick bracket holding or pinning it in place.

Unrelated to the potential drip, I don‘t see the „E“ on the dipstick end?

Thanks for the replies! I first noticed it was coming out of the bottom of the exhaust manifold were it connects to the pipe it just a little bit. So I checked to see if the nuts were tight and they were not tightened all the way so I tightened up and started it again and its definitely leaking on the inside.

Its not leaking near the dipstick…but I will go double check.

Does it look like I over filled the oil?

Wipe the stick, so we can see the high mark.

Could the oil be coming from one of the cam oil feed pipes and then dripping onto the exhaust? That’s what happened on my several years ago.

The title of this thread makes no sense. How can oil be leaking INSIDE your exhaust manifold??

True. Leaking on the inside. I see no external dripping on to the exhaust.

It appears I have over filled the oil if I am looking at the high mark correctly.

And you now this… How??

If the stick is level–always check with it in the dependent position–it’s a bit overfull.

Generally, it’s entirely safe and usually less consumption occurs halfway up to the full mark.

Got it. Thanks I appreciate it.

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That doesn’t look like the dipstick on my 69. Maybe yours is later. Where did the part come from? How much oil did you put in?

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The dipstick bracket is not attached yet.

I just remembered I put a little mystery oil down each spark plug hole a few months about since the car has not been running in a while . I turned it off when I saw the smoke…Maybe it just needs to burn off I will let it run for 5 or 10 mins and see what happens.

I still think you have the wrong dipstick, I wouldn‘t trust the markings? Could others confirm this? Should it not have the E withe crosshatch pattern?

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Tom R beat me to it. I don’t believe this is the correct dipstick

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Oh okay good point if its not the correct dip stick then the high mark will not be correct. It’s the one that came with it when I bought it years ago. I have another 4.2 engine for a 1970 e type so i will check that dipstick. Thx


Agree - Never saw an E-Type stick marked: ADD | SAFE | FULL