Snap On Oscilloscope

I have a chance to buy a Snap On oscilloscope. It is a factory refurbished unit. I’d like some thoughts from the brain trust if possible. It is the large shop type machine. I think it will do well for my 80s/90s Jaguars for diagnostics.


If it is Snap On it should be more an engine diagnostic unit rather than an everyday oscilloscope. So could have up to 8 channels, maybe even up to 12, so you can look at every plug or injector firing on the screen. Nice if you can get it a decent price.

Not sure I’d go used, or Snap On, unless you have a vintage tool or Snap On fetish. (I know I do!). Automotive oscilloscopes used to be large things based on quartz crystal oscillators. I worked at a company that made crystal oscillators, and they were decimated by new technology. A modern digital oscilloscope is cheap and accurate. When my stolen from work oscilloscope fell off the workbench, I bought a Rigol brand thing from Amazon and it’s perfect.

That said, I’ve only used it on the XJS to get waveforms out of Marelli sensors. Really a total waste of money for that purpose.

It is a model MT1665. The guy is asking $ 750.00 with all the accessories and manuals. I have to find a way to diagnose my XJ-S, XJS, Majestic, etc. due to the fact that no-one in my area has the capability including the Jaguar dealer.

sjniznik,same thing in the Boston, MA area. I guess it’s not worth the time, effort and investment to be a half decent mechanic.

I have an oscilloscope and a Jaguar PDU 1990’s dealership diagnostics computer and I’m still not a half way decent mechanic!

I think these guys without oscilloscopes want to be profitable mechanics, not screwing with our antiques. Plug in the Solus and be done with it!