Snap Sac Fasteners Extinct?

Needing to replace these little buggers before putting my driver’s door panel back on Superblack, but checking around online I’m finding, unlike about a year or two ago, they are just not to be had anywhere. Everyone says “discontinued”. I did find one sole vendor but they are wanting an outrageous $14 apiece for them, and they only have 2 or 3 left in stock. :money_mouth_face: Does anyone know if Jag (or some aftermarket parts manuf.) is planning on running off a batch of them again anytime soon? :pleading_face: Seems like something suitable for the 3-D printing folks to come to the rescue with … :rescue_worker_helmet:

In the meantime, will the shorter version of the fasteners work for our purpose?

Paul, can you post a photo? There might be something out there that is compatible.

btw, I ran across something similar for Hondas (Civic?), but they appear to be only about 1/2 as long and possibly wider in diameter than these, so don’t know if they will even fit in the mounting holes.

I have a bunch of plastic door clips listed in one of my eBay auctions. Is that what you’re looking for?

The eBay auction number is 233387420337 or you can just search on eBay for “Jaguar plastic door clips” and you will find them. I probably have about 100 of them from my three Series III XJ6 parts cars but I list and sell 12 at a time on eBay since that seems to be a reasonable number for people to need. If you need more than the 12 in this auction just let me know.


Thanks, Paul #2, but I did see those when I went looking for door fasteners. Are you sure those will work on the face-lift XJS doors, though? :confused: IIRC, those are what Jag used to use as one of the 9 door panel fasteners (the other 8 were Snap Sac) and was used at the trailing edge of the panel. They were later upgraded by Jag to the slightly shorter, bright blue-colored version fastener. I already have one of the blue ones ready to use in that location when I put the panel back on.

What is the Jaguar part number for the part that you are looking for? If you don’t have a Jaguar Parts Catalogue for your car you can probably find the part number by searching the website.


Jag OEM part # is BD47644

Thank you for providing the part number for the part you need. That part was not used on the Series III XJ6s and so I can’t help with a used part from my parts cars.


Yeah, apparently it was only used on the XJS door panels. I guess that’s why they are pretty much unavailable anymore, as there isn’t that much of a need for them these days, at least one worth producing them. :frowning_face:

Have you tried Bresco in UK? They specialize in obscure British classic car trim clips. I see several Snapsac fasteners on their website, but none long enough. It may be worth measuring yours and asking them.

Do you have any dimensions on these little things. Yeah… 3D printing would seem to be one way to deal with it…maybe…

These seem close:


18mm depth there (doesn’t match picture)

BMW 51311802258 barrel nuts?
Head 15.5mm Stem Length 14.0mm stem dia 7mm


Is it possible to convert to the more plentiful shorter versions? (12mm-ish deep ones cheap from landrover) Or the open hole versions?

Tubular Nuts / Tubular Barrel Nuts / Barrel Nuts <-- seem to be the key words to search along w/ automotive or automotive trim.

~Paul K

Paul, home improvement must not be one of your interests. Google “Plastic anchors”. Available in different sizes, just about everywhere.Really really cheap, too.

Thanks (and a nice website to know about, btw) … Looks like this is about as close as they get: FIX346P, but I can tell by the pics and dimensions that they are still too short – the fir tree fastener would not be able to go all the way inside it. I could possibly snip off the ends so that the fastener would go through it full length, but don’t know if that would make much of a “stability” difference vs. just using the Jag “short snap sac” fasteners (as I call them) that are still around. They are not quite as long as these but do have open ends on them. :thinking: I guess another option would be to trim off the ends of the fasteners to fit inside these, but again not sure if that would make a difference vs. using the short snaps.

Yep, troublesome renter here :roll_eyes: I did check with “Home D’pot” yesterday to see what they had, but still didn’t find anything that I thought might work.

I already have an order in for 8 of the usual Jag “short” fasteners and when they come in I’ll see how well they do the job. In the past, I have run across XJS door panels where the PO went with them, either b/c of mistake, “frugality” or unavailability even back then. Even some of the ones in Superblack’s panel are of the short variety. Will report back here when I do that.

I think I have some of them.
Contact me via call or text @650-455-1110

Wow. Will do, Equip, and thanks! :smile:

Someone mentioned 3D printing, which I think is the way to go for small plastic parts like this. If it just a hidden fastener, who’s going to know? I just got someone to recreate the PRESS button on the seat belt catches for my SAAB 900. The old ones had turned brittle with age and broken up.

Someone has a shonky looking, S/H one on ebay for $15, 3D printing is way less than that, once you have the part definition.

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