SNG "upgraded" steering rack - opinions/experience sought

Due to a recent mishap at VIR I find myself in need of a new rack (and lots of other parts). I see that standard replacements are scarce but available, and that SNG has a complete “upgraded” kit for a bit more $$$. Does anyone have this kit, and if so is it significantly better than the numb and overboosted original unit?

If you are talking about the EZEE power steering unit you need to look at @gtjoey ‘let’s build an etype’ thread.

Bruce I think your talking about the “QUICKRACK”
Yes I have it and it works great and it just a bolt in.
I cannot tell. I think they claim a half less turn lock to lock.
I use 15 inch wheel and 205 tires so I guess it is TIGHTER but it does work great.
No slip or skate in the teeth.
Read my 1967 rebuild I actually needed 2 they sent me a right hand drive rack for my U.S. car. :slight_smile:
BUT that rack with the 205 tires and the ez steer…Its a 1990s steering set up, very , very nice TOO ME.
Good luck
ps go with the original rubber mounts the solid mounts are way to hard and harsh on new york streets too me.

Thanks for the input. I run 225/45-16 tires, they do tramline a bit as expected, a quicker rack might help the feel of that, and while it’s apart I recall a posted fix a couple years ago that limits the oversoft feel somewhat. May look that up. At least the kit includes tie rod ends and new hoses.