So here’s a possible technique to drop the engine. What could possibly go wrong?

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About all that’s missing are a few crates of explosives and some open flames.


How did you get into my shed?

A roll of duct tape and bailing wire is in that picture somewhere.

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So what’s wrong with that?

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Perfectly good red plastic milk crate in the back that could have been used…fail!

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From what I can read of the license plate on the Toyota outside, I’m glad it isn’t good old Yankee ingenuity

Darwinism is thriving these days.


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@MartinScherz solid proposition!

Trying to understand how they secured the beam to the ladders so it will stay on its end …Is it secured ??

Not quite as bad as this but my first 4 cyl engine removal was to remove the head and then unbolt the block from the transmission. Then I looped a chain around it and a 2X4 resting on top of the fenders. My father and I then lifted it up on each end of the 2X4 and walked it forward out of the bay. Could be why I had ongoing back problems in my 20’s. I did wise up and rent a hoist to put it back in.

68 E-type FHC

has to be faked. Garage is too nice, big, roll up doors lots of light, etc


He’s using two support posts.


Wile E. Coyote would be proud.

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Hey I did exactly that with a 948cc Midget engine in 1970. Used and old swing set frame and come-along to reinstall it.

On propane bottles, for extree height?


Didn’t need it. Plenty of height, that decreased as the top member sagged under the “weight”:grin:

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We used the swing set at a local school playground to pull the engine from my 39 Ford many, many years ago!