Software Problem

I do not see the e mails I post to the Jag-Lovers site but other listers see my posts. Why is this?
I also tried the “help” box but my message bounced back. Again what am I doing wrong.
I cannot find the “edit my profile” button on any of the Jag-Lovers pages

Len Wheeler

I‘ll move you to #site-feedback and help will be on the way.


That does not tell me how to “edit my profile” which I am NOT able to find.

Click on your avatar: click on your name: click on “Account.”

You’ll find Edit Profile there.

Been there, done that. No joy!

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No “image” to look at in your e mail


What image?

Len, on the page, locate the L in the top right corner. Click on that. Now, click on Len_Wheeler. Then you have „preferences“.
However, I‘d like to know what you want to edit there.
You said you can’t see your e-mails.

Is that the actual e-mails we get or the messages right here on the website itself?



When I post on the Forums.jag-lovers either as a new thread or a reply, I don’t see my posts.


Len, this would be very strange, and you couldn’t change that in the settings. Where are you taken to when you click on this link which will take you to the first post in this thread?


Hi Len,

Three questions for you:

  1. Can you see your own first post in this thread? I.e. the “Software Problem” post which starts with the words “I do not see the e mails I post …” Can you see it at all? Or just other people’s replies?

  2. When you have this problem, did you post or reply using a web browser, or did you post or reply via email? I.e., did you browse to the Jag-lovers Forums web site, read a thread, then hit Reply, or New Topic? Or, did you read a message in your email inbox and then hit Reply in your email program?

  3. Which web browser do you use, and which version? I.e. are you using Chrome version 83.0, Firefox version 78.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, or Microsoft Edge version 83.0? Or, something else?


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