Solar battery charging

I’ve read the few threads here on solar charging for batteries. All seem about a decade old. I’m wondering if the technology has changed any.

I’m in a non-garage townhouse and leery of the liability of running a power cord across a common area sidewalk to a charger. I killed off one new Interstate for my ‘03 VDP in six months and another was nearly depleted in four weeks due to a gummed up microswitch in the driver’s door latch. That’s now remedied.

My mechanic suggested looking at the latest technology in solar charging, maybe with something on the rear shelf and power routed behind the seat or even under the car if need be.

Everything I can find appears to require disconnecting before turning the ignition, and I see manufacturer suggestions about getting a controller of some sort to protect against overcharging. (I’m figuring fat chance of that with the current drain these things have, but ….)

Because electricity falls into the black magic category for me, does anyone have experience/advice that might be useful.

As always, thanks in advance, fellow Jag Lovers/addicts or whatever.


Hi Eliot

Drop by and try mine. Any decent solar panel should have a diode and no current drain.

Peter: That’s a very kind offer and I just may do that in the next month or so. I’ll reach out to coordinate with you well in advance of a potential date via the writers bureau email address, presuming that’s still operative. I don’t know if this site has a PM function.

I’ve retired so the only time I get up that way now is likely to be heading to Poolesville for band practice (at least for now on Friday evenings) or an occasional lunch with ex work colleagues or musician friends as the rules ease.

I have one about 1’ square on the rear parcel shelf, with the cable routed through to the OBD port.

I have one on the parcel shelf and just run the cable through the door and into the boot.

I have one on the parcel shelf, and leave it connected.

Had to pull the seat back rest down to run the wire in though