[SOLD] 1954 XK120 C-Type engine

1954 Jaguar XK120 Engine F 1183-8S with 7,453 miles

Rebuilt in 1998

Engine F 1183-8S is fitted with number matching C-Type head

F 1183-8S has been removed from a 1955 XK140 so the correct numbers matching engine and transmission can be reunited with its original chassis and FHC body.

Compression in all 6 cylinders is between 95-100psi. see photos.

In 1998, the XK120 Engine was installed in the 1955 Jaguar XK140 FHC, all XK140 accessories i.e. intake manifold, water pump, thermostat housing, generator, lower pully, carburetors and valve covers were assembled on F 1183-8S engine to disguise the engine as a XK140 engine. The C-Type head was painted red per factory specs. A period correct XK120 C-Type head should be natural aluminum in color.

All the XK140 accessories have been removed from the engine and replaced with number correct XK120 accessories. New gaskets were installed when required. A new engine rebuild gasket kit comes with the engine.

Note* The Laycock overdrive transmission seen in the engine removal photos belongs to the XK140. A spare Moss gearbox has been mated to the engine. Owner feels 90% confident Moss gearbox #JL 16522 is the number matching transmission to this engine. Mileage of the transmission is unknow and has been in storage for 50+ years.

Items the buyer will require to complete the engine.
-Flywheel, clutch and pressure plate
-Bell housing lower plate cover
-Fan and fan belt.
-Tuning of carburetors. 120 carbs have been rebuilt with all new parts
-Verify timing. A pertronix distributor was removed and replaced with a points distributor
-Note* One air blade on the generator is broken. See photo.

This is a strong running engine that has given the owner years of carefree driving. It does not burn oil or smoke. It did run slightly rich due to carburetor tuning. This engine carried us on many journeys from Baltimore to Watkins Glen, local car shows, weekend errands around town and countless winery tastings and picnics.

The asking price is reasonable. I’ve currently invested $10K having my entire XK140 engine machined, parts, labor and assembly.
Many more photos are available to view.

Asking price (if selling): $6,000 US

Location: Lutherville, Maryland

Contact information: Julius.Woernle@me.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): Buyer will need to pick up at above address. Engine hoist is available for use.

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes

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Why do you claim an XK120 Engine (based on Engine Number) has a C-type head???
The -8S suffix DOES NOT indicate the head is a C-type head.
Painting the head red DOES NOT indicate anything at all…

The only way you can tell if a C-type head or not, is to provide a photo of all the cast in and stamped in numbers on the non-machined areas on the underside of the head, and that can easily be done with the engine sitting on a stand outside the car. The areas of interest are the visible underside of the head that overlaps the head gasket…

With a ‘G’ prefix XK140 head, having an -8S suffix does denote having a C-type head, but with an ‘F’ prefix XK120 head the -8S suffix denotes being a ‘Special Equipment’ head, so same A-type head as all other XK120s, but with high-lift camshafts now fitted…

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Hi Roger. Thank you for the clarification!