[SOLD] 1996 XJR with many new and used parts

I need to let my 1996 XJR go. It’s been an incredibly reliable daily driver (except for heavy snow) for me for the three or four years I’ve had it.
As you can probably see from the photos, the poor thing suffered some hail damage two years ago and the clearcoat has deteriorated on the roof and trunk.
Mechanically, the only significant problem the car has is that the steering gets very ‘heavy’ at low speeds (such as when maneuvering in a parking lot). That problem started soon after I replaced the steering rack with a rebuilt one (the old one had a couple of leaks).
I’m pretty sure that the problem is associated with the ‘Servotronic’ ‘feature’ (electronic control that changes the degree of power assist under different driving conditions). I believe the problem to be either a faulty electrical connector to the ‘Servotronic’ or there’s a fault within the ‘Servotronic’ inside the rebuilt rack. Best case scenerio: replace/repair the connector/plug, worst case scenerio: the rebuilt rack needs to be replaced.
Other than the heavy steering at low speeds, the car runs very well and has no other significant problems. It’s done 160,000 miles, so its condition is typical of a car of that age/mileage - it’s worn. I have a clear Colorado title for the car.
At one time, I intended to rebuild the car, so I started collecting parts for the project. About two-and-a-half years ago, I bought and stripped an accident-damaged 1996 XJR, so I have a ridiculous number of spare parts for this car.

Partial list of parts stripped from the ‘spares car’:
Complete engine and transmission (running without noticeable problems before being removed from car).
Full set of electronic modules (ECU, transmission control unit, climate control unit, etc.)
Bunch of exterior lights and lenses (probably a full set).
Many interior trim, center console, overhead switches/lights, switches other interior parts.
Instrument panel and switches.
Starter motor, alternator, cabin water pump.

Partial list of new parts (more than $1.5k worth):
New Cylinder head.
Oil filters, fuel filters.
Coolant hoses.
Timing chains and sprockets.
Engine bearings.
Fuel injectors.
Ignition coils and spark plugs.
Brake pads.
Idle control valve, EGR valve, MAF sensor.
4L80E Transmission upgrade kit.
Door seals

There are six or seven large totes full of parts for this car in total.

Asking price (if selling):
I’d like to get $1500 for the lot (a hell of a deal, if you ask me). More important to me is finding someone who a) will put the car and parts to good use (keeping this or other XJRs on the road) and b) will come and take everything in one go and simplify my life (at least for a short while).

Evergreen Colorado

Contact information:

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Thank you again Matt.
I really enjoy the car and all of the parts are so helpful for my xjs-r project!!

You came to Colorado… and didn’t look me up?


Enjoy the car! Matt’s a good guy.

Wigs you know I would have come for a visit. I almost went but decided to get transporter. Somehow Matt was able to neatly fit all of these parts within the Jag. I’m over the moon.

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