[SOLD] 3.54 rebuilt differential

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Description: Never seen oil since rebuilt for my XJS pumpkin swap ( xjs now totalled). Willing to deliver depending on location.

Asking price (if selling):$500

Location:Reno, NV

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I am very interested in your differential
I am in Western Oregon
Please respond

I’m in Reno, NV and obviously this beast is too much to ship. I’m up for a road trip, having done that drive many times to Bandon for golf and to Eugene (my daughter was a Duck).
I bought the diff from a jag-lovers guy near Sacramento more than 5 yrs ago and has been in my garage since. It turns freely and although it’s missing the 3.54 tab usually attached to the rear cover bolt, I verified by counting rotations at the driveshaft input while turning the half-shaft output flange.
I’ll send pictures if you want. Call me if you’d like to talk. Leave voicemail as I’ll be on the mountain today.


Hi Mark,
Thanks for leaving me VM. I prefer written comms to avoid misunderstandings. To your questions; Yes it is a posi-drive. I bought the diff from another jag lister who I trusted and had dealt with before. I did not remove the cover to inspect the gears but he showed me pix of the rebuild with new seals. I obviously can’t attest to the bearings but we did do a “smoke test” at my friends shop (John’s British Car Garage) to ensure no leaks at the half shaft seals. I’m certainly fine if you want to remove the back to inspect at purchase.

Regards the delivery, would you be ok meeting me somewhere about halfway, ie Medford? It’s about 200mi for us both and I’d be able to leave ~8am, meet at noonish and still be home for dinner.

Regards the timing, sooner would be better for me (I’m clearing out my spare parts from an 86xj6, 89v12 VDP, and 89xjs all now gone-wife happy). The sooner I empty our spare bedroom the happier she’ll be. BTW if your project is a jag, I have some good parts ie a set of OEM pepperpot wheels removed from the Canadian 89 v12 VDP I imported.

Let me know.


The diff is for my sons lump ls1 xj6
However I own a 76 Xjc 12.
Love pictures of pepper pots and anything else you might think of.
My goal is to create a v12 monster.
Concours isn’t in the cards for my coupe. It’s basically a broken v8 shell. But the Broadspeed body kit in your closet sounds perfect😃
Regarding travel split sure.
Just not sure of timing right this sec. Get back on that ASAP . He owns an adult foster home and they are getting second Covid shots today. So pretty sure this weekend out.
diff sounds great Btw.

Mark Bailey

Good to talk this am. I’ll attach photos. I’ll consider the diff sold for $500 and remove the classified. Next weekend will work. I’ll touch base to set a time and place.

The wheels are perfect and in high demand so I’ll want ~$750 for four. I saw Welsh had a set for under 500 with rim rash and looking rough. You decide. I also have 2 “lattice” xjs rims (15”) with good tires that I used for spares at track days.

The v12HE intakes and cylinder heads are from my spare engine (not the stroked one we talked about-I’m keeping it) that came out of a 93 v12 HE xjs with 50k that the guy was lumping with a chevy 350. I’ll sell just the top end for $250 or you can have the whole engine which I can trailer up this spring.

I also have a rebuilt TH400 with a shift kit installed that I was gonna put behind my 73 xke OTS v12 but I’m considering retaining the BW12. Make offer if interested.

I’ll also give you a bunch of XJ parts as pictured which you can look through and take for free- most still in package.

As you can tell, I’ve got a lot of spares since I had 5 cars with v12’s and (3) series 3 jags that all used the same spares so when I did bearings or ball joints, brakes, etc I bought parts in bulk but never got around to doing the same job on all the cars. These parts all come from reputable suppliers, the “usual suspects”. I’m now sad my xj’s are all gone. I’m strictly an e type man now (except for a screaming v12 6 speed aston martin).

My buddy owned John’s British Car Garage for decades and when he retired a few years ago he let us rummage his parts so I have a rebuilt AAV(aux air valve)-for a high idle problem- and some other weird stuff you can have.

Anyway sounds like I can box up a bunch to bring next weekend which you can have.

More later,

15in oem xjs(2) + good tires.JPG

15in pepperpots.JPG

brake pads poly trans mount.JPG

diff back.JPG

diff front.JPG

efi+ignition computers.JPG



parts for free 1.JPG

parts for free 2.JPG

ready to go.JPG

v12 hard lines heat shields, bypass pipe.JPG

v12HE cylinder head.JPG

v12HE efi intakes.JPG

v12HE heads (2) blurred.JPG

xj ball joints wheel bearings.....JPG

xj stuff Oil filter hoses free.JPG

xj xjs steering rack with tower seal leak.JPG