[SOLD] 3.8 Engine from MK 10

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Description:3.8 engine with tri carbs from a 1963 MK10. Engine turns freely and carb pistons functioning too. Engine # ZA 226 x-8 with matching head. Am prepared to sell carbs separately. Engine with carbs $3500 if I remove engine, $3000 if you remove engine. Located near in Ontario Canada 30 minutes from Ogdensburg NY13669 Pick up only. I might be able to drop it off enroute Virginia Beach in late April

Asking price (if selling): $3500

Location: Near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Contact information: 613 258 0234 leave message.

Cost of shipping (if selling): No shipping

Willing to ship worldwide?No

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Would love to purchase but I.m on the West coast of BC, shipping would be horrendous.

Yes I expect shipping would be a bit much. Have you checked it out ? Engine weighs around 765 LBS.

Find a friend with a diesel pickup: ROAD TRIP!

Contact Fastenal. They will ship heavy stuff on a pallet if you can deliver to one of their stores. You might be surprised at the cost.

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