[SOLD] 4.2 pistons for sale

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Description: Set of used knurled 4.2 pistons, Standard size, almost new, measuring 3.59 at top and 3.62 at the base.

Asking price (if selling): Price is free to a good home, just pay shipping.

Location: Canada.

Contact information: barnettm@telus.net.

Cost of shipping (if selling): ?

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes

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I’m not familiar with knurling? i am in melville sask. but have a brother in campbell river, what part of the island are you from, i do need standard pistons for my e type overhaul as mine are badly corroded. thanks terry

Knurling is/was done as a relatively inexpensive method to tightening up older pistons: this pictures are 8:1s, and look to be in pretty good shape.

thanks paul, just waiting for a reply back from the seller

Hi Terry,
I am in Nanaimo, not far from Campbell River. And Paul is correct with the 8-1 comp, as I replaced them with 9 -1.
I removed them from a 1966 420 motor, and the previous owner had installed them not too long before I bought the engine, probably did not want such a high comp. I do not know what loss of power one would get by installing a lower comp. piston, and these pistons only need a set of standard size rings. If I did not have such wear in the cylinders I would have re-installed them.
Free to a good home, my 9-1 new pistons were $650 usd.
Cheers. Morris.

Not a lot.


That would be great, my brother works for Icbc and I think goes back and forth from nanaimo,I’ll check and see if they will work on my engine,I’ll get the forums advice on this

Let me know if they are compatible as soon as you can as I have a list of members who are asking.
It seems a loss of only 5hp will be realized by installing a lower comp ratio.

Morris, a lower CR doesn’t do much harm to power, it does however effect efficiency (fuel mileage).

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