[SOLD] 66’ Mark X Jaguar (Barn Find) Make Offer $

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Just pulled it from a barn yesterday w my uncle. Was owned by a local attorney. The late owner must have detailed it, parked it, covered it with waterproof cover, then fell ill.

ITS been parked covered inside garage since 1991.

NO rust.

71k miles

I put some XJ6 wheels before moving,(2 of the 4 tires were flat) and very surprisingly the brakes were NOT seized. It rolled right out once I selected neutral.

The interior hasn’t been opened in decades, but when I opened it, it was almost perfect with exception of delaminating on the wood.

Engine turns over.

Factory AC

The wife of late owner said the barn recently started collapsing and we rescued this just in time thankfully.

Florida title

I haven’t had chance to wash it and take proper photos yet but this is what I have at moment.

Asking price (if selling):Taking Offers. $$

Location: Florida

Contact information: send me a PM with your phone number.

Cost of shipping (if selling): depends on the country.

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes

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James, where do you find these awesome barn finds? Word of mouth? Folks knowing you as the Jag guy? I’d love to dig something so solid out of a barn around my neck of the woods!

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I have been nicknamed as ‘Jaguar James’

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Love to see these ‘discoveries’ and gives me hope that more of the sports models are still stashed away in forgotten places. Things are only original once, and that part fascinates some of us. Others choose to make silk purses out of sow’s ears, and that is OK too. I am currently chasing a Bristol 408, and it is just a used car and needs all kinds of love. Like stray dogs, your heart goes out to the needy.

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I wish I could keep every one that I find but it’s very difficult to have all of these projects as you know.

Drove a Mk X For years before it rotted away. Wonderful wonderful car. It’s still in the yard, but useless.

I’m only about 5% serious about buying this James, but please tell us what is metal and what is filler? The filler-mobile I was driving would have survived well garaged and take out on Sundays, but I drive my Jags full time!

There is no filler in this car!! 5%?? :smile_cat::smile_cat::smiley_cat:

Wow, that’s fantastic. A good body on these things really separates the wheat from the chaff.

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