SOLD - E-type Isky Cams - XM-2 grind - less than 500 miles


Description: Isky XM-2 Cams. Almost new. I found them to be on the louder side in my rebuilt head, so I replaced with used stock cams. Builder did say they could be quiet in another head, it’s really all in the details. See pics.

Asking price: $150

Location: San Francisco

Contact information: Tyson

Cost of shipping (if selling): Buyer pays shipping

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I’ll take them. Please message me on how to pay. Do you or your engine guy have the timing diagram?


Hey Peter - I have the profile card that came with them, so it’s probably on there.

The only hiccup is I’m leaving for a camping trip tomorrow early am until Monday. I can ship them to you on my return.

I’ll look for the card tonight and send you a picture.


Tyson Ferrer
415 497 5387

Thanks Tyson

Yeah, the card should have the data and set-up info. I’m not in a rush. Have a good trip and PM me total including shipping when you get back.


Hey Peter,

Just back from my trip. Found the cam paperwork.

Let me know when you’d like me to ship. They’ll be in cam tubes. I suppose I can tape them together or drop them in a long box. Let me know what you think.


Tyson Ferrer
415 497 5387

You da Boss Tyson. Tell me the total including shipping and a mail address for the check or PayPal address for electronic payment and I’ll make the moves my end.


Hey Pete,

Please send me your address and I’ll get shipping info for you.


9435 Watkins Rd, Gaithersburg, MD-20882

Hi Peter,

The shipping is going to be about 34 dollars (UPS). You can just PayPal me the 184 to my email address.



Will do, thanks.


Thanks Pete. Payment received!

Thanks Tyson. Did you run them with Webers or SUs?

Triple SUs with no mods. They were great, just a bit louder than I liked for a street car.

Here you go again Crespin…chasing the HP dream. Good luck on the adventure.

Chasing down somebody else’s Dave. I’ve got a little thing going building XK engines. Standard E fetch good money. Standard XJ with something like cams or even a Weber manifold with no carbs do almost as well. One day I’ll go the extra mile and make a rig with radiator, gauges, small fuel tank and pair of Stranglebergs and sell them ‘can be heard running’.

Here’s how I shipped the last one down to Atlanta…

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I remembered years ago I transported from my home in New Jersey to a hot rod shop in Connecticut a Buick nail head engine which weighed a ton. The intake manifold alone weighed at least 100 lbs or close and that engine was placed in the trunk of my XJ40 Jag closing the trunk lid. The car looked like it had three line backers going to a game, but strangely the car drove really well and handled great with the extra weight. I’m however challenged by how you got the engine in the back seat of the car or was this a camera trick?

Nope. I took the seat cushion out and put plywood down, and against the backrest. It’s a LWB car and I jacked up the right side to bring the top edge of the door opening up so the crane didn’t have to slope down too much. I put the crane hook onto a bar threaded under the alloy lifting brackets and once the sump was on the plywood I dragged it into the car from the other side… The gearbox had to come off and went in the trunk.

The car was on the bump stops for 600 miles. I was more concerned about stopping than going…

I just google the weight of the nail head engine and it is 620 lbs while the jag engine is 500 lbs, I’m sure the engine would fit in the trunk of the car without any challenges and the trunk lid would close. and no worries removing the rear seat. As for the transmission, I would remove the passenger seat because of the size and weight for balancing the car. Nuff said it’s water under the bridge, but if anyone desires to do the same, what I’ve done was the best way of attempting to transport both engine and trans.