[SOLD] For Sale - XK140 MC Type-C Complete Engine and Gearbox

This is a complete, original XK140 “Type C” engine and gearbox assembly from an XK140MC.

See photos below - contact me directly for additional photos or any questions - happy to help!

We recently acquired this engine with a large collection of E-Type parts. As we are strictly an E-Type shop, we have no use for the engine here, but do hope to find it a good home back in an XK140 or ?…. The block and head are matching - both numbered G4619-8S - the S indicating “special equipment” for the Type C engine. The head is the correct casting with the “C” cast into the center. The bell housing and gearbox are also original to this engine, and the gearbox is numbered JL31033.

This engine was stored under cover, although it was just a simple shed. When found, the cam covers were off, and the cams were off and sitting on the head - I believe this was done to close the valves to the elements, possibly… We removed the head to inspect the cylinders and were able to rule out any damage that would make the engine unable to be rebuilt. It does appear to be a good rebuildable unit with no cracks in the block, head, or deck surface, etc. The engine is sitting at TDC, with cylinders 1 and 6 all the way up. Cylinders 2, 3, 4, and 5 are down, and do show the effects of moisture on the cylinder walls, cylinder 3 being the worst with a bit of scale, but all can be remedied by boring and/or sleeving - which is typical on almost all XK engine rebuilds anyway… The head is in good rebuildable condition with no visible problems.

The camshafts are original, and did have surface rust and some pitting on some lobes and journals. We glass beaded these and replaced them - they can be replaced with another original pair, a new performance grind, or I believe that with some additional clean-up and polishing could be used as-is possibly. There was only one of the original Type-C cam covers present, and it was pretty crusty with a broken mounting stud hole. You may have that along with the engine to remove and re-use the Type-C badge, but we also included two good and restorable XK cam covers.

We also removed the cover on the gearbox and aside from some very minor surface rust on the very top of the gears that were not covered in oil due to moisture (which will clean up with very little effort…), all looks good and we did not see any damage or broken teeth, etc.

The original oil pan is intact and in good condition, as well as the original intake manifold, bell housing, flywheel, distributor, water pump, etc.

This is obviously the complete drivetrain from an unknown XK140MC, and would make a great new engine for your standard XK140 - OR a hot upgrade for your XK120 - OR you could use it as the basis to build a complete project car, racer, etc. - it’s an engine worth building a car around. Another Type-C engine like this one just sold on “bringatrailer” last month for $11,000 USD - plus commission. It was little cleaner and spray painted to look a little nicer, but still needed a full rebuild and did not include the original bellhousing, flywheel and gearbox.

We are offering this complete unit for $7,500 USD, and I am open to entertaining reasonable offers. Shipping will be arranged for and paid by the buyer, but we can help, and are willing to ship this engine worldwide. We will strap the engine to a good sturdy pallet at no charge, OR we can completely crate the unit for a fee. You may also pick up the engine at our shop in Maryland, USA.

This is a good, complete and original unit with matching block, head, flywheel (which I’m pretty sure should also be stamped with the engine number - that is true on E-Types…), and gearbox. Our reputation is our number one asset, and so I have done my best to inspect this engine and present it as honestly as possible - it is a tired but complete and good rebuildable unit - buy with confidence! :slight_smile:

Chuck Hadley
(443) 907-2287

Monocoque Metalworks

Asking price (if selling): $7,500 USD

Location: Maryland, USA

Contact information:

Chuck Hadley - chuck@monocoque-metalworks.com - (443) 907-2287 by phone within the USA or via WhatsApp worldwide

Cost of shipping (if selling): TBD - buyer to pay shipping charges

Willing to ship worldwide? YES

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I wonder if the original car it came from still exists…