[SOLD] Jaguar tool kit, MK2 and other classic saloons

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Description: Jaguar classic saloon tool kit

Asking price (if selling):650.00

Location:Ontario, Canada

Contact information: 613 304 6288,

Cost of shipping (if selling): depends on location

Willing to ship worldwide?

Tool kit in VG condition, no wood rot or other damage. Located in Canada near US border with NY13669. Paypal only.

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![IMG_4748|690x460](upload://wlStM92kw8Sbxi0iFRJln7P2r71.jpeg) ![IMG_4749|690x460](upload://cXx5zCKoud92sopELF5bdtmtx1A.jpeg) ![IMG_4750|690x460](upload://f1SxyhDMR8OhAvkvi6lAqfYM9zS.jpeg) ![IMG_4748|690x460](upload://wlStM92kw8Sbxi0iFRJln7P2r71.jpeg)

Price reduced $500.00 US$

Hello Adrian, I am located in Australia…can you advise a cost for international postage please.


Hi Russell, Package 17 x 14 x 4 weighing 8lbs will be $130 US air mail; can’t believe the rates.

Hi Adrian,

Thank you for letting me know the freight cost.

A couple of questions:

  1. Does the tool kit include the special distributor feeler gauge and the one for setting the cams?
  2. As far as you know is the kit original or put together from a collection of individual parts.

Thanking you

best wishes


I dont think $130 is excessive (but unfortunately, the US dollar has been appreciating strongly against most currencies’, especially the Oztralian Peso)

Good time for you guys to pillage foreign lands for parts though :grimacing:

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I thought it was, “Orstraaalian?”


Same as it ever was… s’why I’m finally getting my long-desired custom guitar from you ockers!


Hi Russell,
The feeler gauge and camshaft alignment tool are included as shown in the photos. The kit is as I bought it and has not been tampered with.
Regards, Adrian

Hello Adrian,

Thank you for your answers to my questions. Decided not to proceed as there are a few items needed to complete the kit.

best wishes

OK Russell,
I can probably source whatever’s missing, just let me know.

I’m not positive, but I think there should be a screwdriver with a removable two ended shaft, phillips on one end - slotted on the other, stuck in the tubular socket.

Hi Adrian,

I have sent you are PM…

best wishes


Hi Russell,

The Lucas feeler gauge is in the kit but was hidden beneath the black feeler gauge above the camshaft alignment tool. I have located a srcew driver with both fittings. Please contact me adriansawyer@cogeco.ca and I will send additional photos if desired.