[SOLD] Jaguar XJ6L series 1 top condition

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1973 XJ6 Series 1.
Excellent condition.
Interior completely replaced.
Full 134 AC fitted.
Mechanically overhauled.
Reliable daily driver.
Receipts file back to early 80’s.

New parts.
Compressor hoses
Expansion valve
Radiator recore
Steering rack
Spark plugs & wires
All belts
Full interior
Transmission resealed
Brake master cylinder
Full exhaust
Front suspension
Motor mounts

Asking price (if selling): $8574

Location: honolulu

Contact information: +1 808-222-5131

Cost of shipping (if selling): $950 to Long Beach

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes.

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Hello, still active listing? Curious about # of owners, accidents and rust issues/history if so. Very cool looking.

I’m confused about the XJ6L designation–in the thread title and affixed to the rear of the car. This car is in the US, where only SWB Series 1 cars were imported AFAIK. Moreover, the rear doors appear to be SWB, as does the (minuscule) rear seat floor space. Lastly, I think the XJ6L nomenclature was not used before S2 cars in the US–Series 1’s were either SWB or LWB but indicated on the body (although some models, like VDP, were always LWB). Perhaps the XJ6L chrome letters were added? The lack of match between seats and door panels suggests that some work has been done on the car. Also, the ugly front overriders (1973 only) have been removed. IMHO.

Thank you.

I noticed small things, but your details are clearly borne of much more experience than I have and likely mastery.

Like every Jag I see - I have to temper the “cool” factor with “cautious reality.”

These cats require a lot of care even if pristine. They are not for “casual” owners. If “you’re in one, you’re all in one” or in for some big disappointments.

Thanks again.

Hope I didn’t mislead. My comments were typical of a nerdy enthusiast. But to be clear the car itself looks magnificent, and the things I mentioned in no way detract from its value. Don’t know if it’s sold or not. Of course the actual LWB models are relatively rare and worth a premium–best of both world–rear legroom with the S1 grille and fascia.


Also, me, in '73. I thought SWB came later…?

Hi. The Jaguar is still for sale. Do a search under my ID here and you will see my question to the forum on the L designation. I’ve no idea. There was an open spot for a badge and that’s where the L came from. @Robert_Wilkinson

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Thanks. I’ve receipts from the last 30ish years.

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Apologies for my late reply. I’m the 4th owner. No rust and no accidents I’m aware of. @beagle47

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Feel free to text me for more expedient & detailed reply’s.

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No, did not mislead or dissuade me. Will follow up. It’s really a matter not of what you identified but “is this right for me?” Garage space is primary issue as I am an average 2 car - so “where do I park?” answer is the main barrier.

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Thanks will follow up after I parse a “where will I park it” issue.

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