[SOLD] Lockheed Martin F35B

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Description: Rare and lightly used Lockheed Martin F35B Lightning 2 stealth aircraft. No armament included. Was running when last parked. Needs new canopy and ejection seat. No rust issues known (all composite materials).

Asking price (if selling): Make offer. But no lowballs will be considered; these don’t come on the market very often.

Location: South Carolina

Contact information: Send PM

Cost of shipping (if selling): Buyer responsible for shipping; bring a trailer or replacement parts and fly it home.

Willing to ship worldwide? No, but Chinese or Russian buyers should confirm US export rules before purchase

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.


Does it still have a manufacturers warranty?

If its missing its Tool Kit, I can help with a suitable Brake Bleeder Tube and Container - ex XK140, but I am sure it would suit this F35B just as well…

Lockheed -XK140


Do you take payments?

Yes. One big one.


Numbers matching?

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Clean JetFax?


How about a test flight ?

I hope it has leather seats, electric windows and A/C, otherwise it’s a no no.

Correct tool roll?

As mentioned, it is currently missing the seat which was last seen attached to the previous pilot. Canopy is electrically operated, but is currently missing. A/C works fine.

Like Jaguar, cost saving efforts eventually resulted in tool rolls no longer being supplied. I think those came with F-14s, but after the F15 factory tools were no longer supplied. There was dealer option for tool sets and basic spares, which ran about $40M if I recall correctly. Check EBay.

JetFax shows only 1 accident. It was recent, and things like the replacement seat and canopy have not yet been ordered. I’m offering the new owner the opportunity to pick those to their liking, figuring they might want a different color scheme.

BTW, although I don’t find any evidence of bondo on previous bodywork, I ran kitchen magnets all over and they wouldn’t stick. They did however set off a threat detection warning system.


Can you recommend a reputable facility for a pre-purchase inspection? It sounds like a good deal, but there are a couple potential red flags.

Do you accept Pepsi Points in payment?

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Has it ever been to a Concours d’Elegance? Did the judges notice any non-Posi drive fastners? Was it entered in Championship or Driven? Remember since it was manufactured after 1965 it must have Hazard lights and a a front license plate bracket.


Is this the roadster version?
Does it have a salvage title?
Have the airbags ever been deployed?
Can it run on E10? Has the fuel system been upgraded for ethanol?
Does it come with a working LoJack system?
Does it have the original Boeing cooling fan?
Does it have the outside cowl locks, or flat cabin floor?
How old are the tires?
What sort of mileage can I expect?

It is now.

As it was based at a US base, no state title was ever offered. Buyer could certainly apply to the DoD if desired. But if you’re flying a F35, you’re not likely to get pulled over for a document check.

Do not appear to be. Ejection seat however was. Replacement seats might be on EBay.

No, it is in stock condition on runs on JP-8 to be compatible with all NATO aircraft.

LoJack reportedly not working, which may be how I came into possession.

Really? This was built by Lockheed Martin, and they do not use their competitor’s cooling system. They designed their own 2 blade fan, reportedly at a development cost of $62M.

I believe those were only on the earlier F-35A models. The 35B variants were upgraded for comfort.

I tried to look up the date codes, but they’re classified TOP SECRET/SCI. I could tell you, but you know, then I’d have to kill you. Which is pretty easy to do when you have an F-35.

Per the factory owner’s manual, it burns approximately 85–100lb/min when cruising at high subsonic speeds, and around 85lb/min loitering at 250–280 knots . During a hover, it burns around 400lb/min, and during maximum afterburner it would burn somewhere in the ballpark of 1450lb/min. Your mileage may vary.


This thread is almost as fun as the one for the Lucas replacement smoke, a decade or so back… :slight_smile:

People should scoop this baby up fast. I hear that the manufacturer has decided that they will no longer build a naturally aspired version after 2025. The next model is being build by a joint venture with Tesla and will be electric. The KC-135 tankers are being refitted with batteries and extension cords.


Take bitcoin?

I need verification of ownership before handing over such serious cash.