[SOLD] Mangoletsi throttle conversion - for Series 1 4.2 LHD

The uprated throttle conversion kit developed by SNG Barratt and John Mangoletsi is one of our favorite uprated parts for the E-type.

The uprated throttle replaces a limited on/off throttle motion with a smoother, more controlled transition of power underfoot, even at lower speeds. The flawed original mechanism is replaced with a more responsive dual cable throttle system while the new pedal provides vertical and lateral movement benefiting taller drivers and providing a more comfortable drive.

The Mangoletsi Throttle Linkage Cable Conversion Kit is a race-developed twin cable system with a fully adjustable pedal, allowing the pedal pad to be located precisely in three dimensions to suit the driver. The clever carburetor linkage benefits from a patented adjuster which allows the rate of throttle opening to be easily adjusted.

Asking price (if selling): $900 or best offer

Location: Dallas TX

Cost of shipping (if selling): Depends on where you live, at your cost.

Willing to ship worldwide? Yes, but all shipping costs are on you.

I purchased a Series 1 Coupe and this unit was part of the sales deal. I have no use for it, but know that new it sells for over $1100 and this one has never been installed. It is still in the plastic bags that came from Mangoletsi/SNG Barratt. I can’t find the LHD version on the SNG site right now, just the RHD version.

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$750 offer. Not sure I should do it to an early series 1 but worth it at this price just to have if I decide to
go for it.

PM sent just now

Though personally I never had much issue with the goofy factory linkage, it would be interesting to test drive a car with this kit on it.

Not sold yet. Please send any questions or offers to me via a Private Message @BobK

Price now dropped to $850 or best offer.

Still available with free shipping in the continental US

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