[SOLD] Manual pedal box

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Description:manual pedal box
Asking price (if selling):100 plus shipping


Contact information: Wayne

Cost of shipping (if selling):

Willing to ship worldwide?

This is the aluminum housing only

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Is the pedal box still available?

yes it is still available

By the looks this is from a non abs car correct?

Should be, I got it from Chadbourn years ago and he knew I wanted it for my 88 no abs.
I was going to piecemeal a kit but changed mind, I recently sold the tremec 5 speed pedal box is what’s left.
I’ve drove manuals all my life but left knee makes it less enjoyable as of late.

Had a customer in his late 70s several years ago told me he was told by someone when showing off his collection that he was getting at the age he needed to finish some projects. Now that I’m in my early 70s I keep thinking that applies to me now,


Well, you got me beat by a few years (early 60’s). I bought a 89 xjs convertible that had a low mile Tremec conversion. Car had bad rust issues in floor area. The rest of the car was quite nice. So, I disassembled and saved everything. Basically, wanted the Tremec for my car 86 xjs coupe that I’ve done a lot of work to. The pedal box from the 89 is a ABS so I was just going to modify my original but then saw yours.

Do you need anything for your car? And 100.00 your bottom line?
Thanks Mark

I like to have an original style spoiler got one you want to get rid of. Reasonable

Spoiler doesn’t need to be perfect. I can repair any minor flaws.