[SOLD] Original Mark X Interior Wood Set For Sale

I purchased this set of wood approximately fifteen years ago with the intention of using it in my restoration. I ended up restoring the original wood and not using this set. It has sat in my attic ever since and it is time to find it a new home.

This appears to be an original un-refinished set of wood. It is as I acquired it, still wrapped in paper from whom ever removed it from the vehicle so many years ago. I did not unwrap all of the pieces. The ones I inspected all appear to have undamaged veneer. I saw no evidence of water damage or splitting. The original varnish has crazed as you would expect it to after so many years.

The bad news: The top dash piece is missing. It did not come with the set when I acquired it. The one curved piece above the right rear door appears to have already been stripped. The condition of the veneer looks good. I counted 39 pieces. I believe this to be a complete set, minus the dash. Since I did not unwrap them all, I cannot confirm that all the other pieces are there, but I am confident they are. A simple strip of the varnish and a new coat should have these pieces looking like new.

If you are doing a Mark X restoration, you know how expensive the interiors can be, but done correctly, they are amazingly beautiful. The kits for the leather and trim can be easily purchased but wood cannot. If your wood is damaged and needs to be redone, the cost is excessive (I know). If you think you can find a parts car with good wood, think again. Once the door seals rot out and water gets in, plus the sun damage, the wood is certainly destroyed.

Don’t miss this opportunity.

I’m looking only to recover my cost: Price $600 plus shipping.


Location: Reno, NV USA

Willing to ship worldwide.

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Thanks Nick.

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