[SOLD] Rare Series one XJ6 Rebuilt Water Pump $75

Description: For sale is a rebuilt water pump I have in my stash. I have no car that takes this, so I’m offering it at a very reasonable deal. It is casting number P30961A used to 7L42594, but would likely fit other applications if you only need a single groove pulley. Moss sells this rebuilt pump for $468.99. I’m only wanting $75 plus shipping.

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I will take a peek at the pump on my S3 lump in my hot rod: if it’s usable for that, you may have a buyer!

That would be great. Let me know.
Thank you,

Wiggles, the biggest difference with the S1 to S3 pump is the size of the bypass return. S1 is huge to match the outlet from the S1 header tank. Other than that it’s the same.

But @jagman66E if Wiggles doesn’t want it I’ll take it.

Thanks for that clarification, and upon that piece of information, you’re the winner! I dont want to do all the necessary rejiggering to make it work in the Jeepster.

That pump is 1968-1971 only on emission cars such as US. I have 12 in stock. 1972-1973 is the same except for an additional pulley for the air pump.
There is no S3 pump as a single item. Early cars used the same pump as later S2. 1982 model year in US went to a four-bolt fan clutch and the improved bypass system. 1985-1987 US model year gained a larger impeller and improved water flow. 1982-1984 pumps supersede to the 85-87 part number which is why I sell only the later ones with the improved cooling.

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Indeed. I’ve often wondered about that strange design, given that the internal bypass orifice itself is tiny. I concluded years ago that the large outlet is intended to substantially increase the volume of the tiny header tank above it. A typical Jaguar kludge, in other words.

Just remembering,…I fit this early one-pulley pump to my 73 after removing its smog pump. I didn’t want the Missouri inspectors to notice an unused pulley, a dead giveaway that it had been desmogged. Then much later, when I added an S3 water outlet and radiator (part of the project that included a Mark X intake) I believe I used BSP bits to reduce the bypass spigot diameter on my S1 pump to S3 specification–and I still have that S1 single pulley pump. Would have bought Tim’s spare if I were flush enough with cash; a great deal.

Sale Pending…