[SOLD] Selling my 2000 jaguar xjr

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Description: super charged 4 L V8. 4 brand new tires (full tread). burgundy- off white all leather interior. 94,844 miles. 4 door with sunroof. always garage kept, never wrecked. mobil 1 synthetic oil (doesn’t leak oil). custom on/off switch for battery. cd player (changer in glove compartment)

Asking price (if selling): $5,000.00

Location: Eddyville, Kentucky

Contact information: S. Hiland, M.D email at c.m.hiland@gmail.com

Cost of shipping (if selling): buyer must pay shipping if not picked up.

Willing to ship worldwide? yes, if buyer is willing to pay shipping costs

Please always be careful before sending money or valuables to someone you don’t know. Use an escrow service if you’re not 100% certain of the identity and integrity of the person you’re dealing with.

By using this service you agree to resolve any and all disputes with the other party directly, and to indemnify and hold Jag-lovers harmless from any claims, losses, liability, or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) that arise from your use of Jag-lovers and this service.

Hmm, I have a 1999 and its only a 4.0 litre, has yours been modified :slight_smile: ?

It’s a 5.0 liter supercharged V8 not modified.

You can have 5 litre or not modified, but not both. Check your handbooks.


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I’m his secretary, I just posted the information that was given to me. Thanks to these replies, I have doubled checked his information with the handbooks, and you are correct. It is in fact a 4 L and I have edited the post so that now it is correct. Thanks for your help, guys. :blush:


I hope that you weren’t “on the clock” while you were handling your bosses personal matters. I am surprised that your boss would ask you to do this.


I offered, happy to do it.

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