[SOLD] Speedometer XJS 1989-91

Description: Speedometer taken from a late 1988 XJS, 71,426 miles, is the type that works with a transducer on the differential. VIN 145448. Excellent condition. Missing trip odometer reset (should easily be able to swap over from your non-working speedo) Unable to test on my car, but should work. Will refund if non-working.

Asking price: $50 + $10 shipping

Location: Seattle, Washington

Contact information: message me if interested

Cost of shipping (if selling): I’m assuming about $10 within continental US?

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Hey! I’ll take it. Message me your contact info. I have a 1990 but I don’t believe that will be a problem.


Did you check out this part number in a Jagar Parts Catalogue? I’m pretty sure a 1990 XJ-S V12 has the speedometer transducer on the GM400 and not the differential. It has been a while since I dealt with ours and I am not near our car or Parts Catalogue right now.

I recommend that you check ro make sure that this part will work with your car. I have my doubts.


Oh, I thought the switch to diff was in 89? Check out Doug Dwyer’s comments in this link.

I am not sure about the speedometer change and can’t check my Parts Catalogue or our car right now. I just wanted to be sure that Paul checked first. I didn’t want you and Paul to have the hassles of shipping the wrong part.

To make matters more confusing we have a 1990 V12 Vanden Plas saloon in addition to the 1990 XJ-S convertible and even though they both have the 5.3L V12 and GM400 there are many differences between them. So I am reluctant to go by memory since I had speedometer problems in both cars.


ooops. Let’s put this on hold til I find out.

No problem, I can wait.

Any resolve? Based on many forum member archives, the transducer did seem to move to differential in 88/89.

Paul, where did you find that 90 still had it on transmission?

I will put my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible up on my lift tomorrow and verify whether the Speedometer sensor is on the differential or transmission. I have had speedometer problems with my two V12 Jaguars and my XJ6 over the years and will need to look at the XJ-S to be sure where the transducer is on that car.


That would be a great help. I’ve got my kids visiting on Saturday and will be going down to LA until Sunday after next. I’ll be out of communication for that time.

Sounds good. I’ve also got the speedo on sale on Ebay, so if it goes, sorry. But I don’t think these are hot items, so I’ll bet it will still be for sale when you’re back

Greg, Paul,

I put my wife’s 1990 XJ-S convertible (5.3L V12 with Marelli ignition, VIN 175XXX) on my lift today and verified that the speedometer sensor (DBC2632) is located on the differential as shown in the attached photo. According to my XJ-S Parts Catalogue the speedometer transducer (DAC4569) was on the GM400 up to VIN144262 then it moved to the differential.
As a side note my 1990 V12 Vanden Plas (5.3L V12 with Lucas ignition) has the speedometer transducer on the GM400.



The VIN for the car I bought the instrument cluster from is 145448, so speedo should be good for you.
Thanks for clearing it up, Paul.

Hi Greg,

I’m back. My VIN is 169325. I believe that tells me that your speedo will work on my Jag. I have also started looking into my A/C to get that working again from the 2yr layoff. I have a Teves III. It’s trying to work but the flaps all seem to be stuck and funny noises come out from behind the dash as they are stressed to move but nothing changes.

Hi, if you still want to buy the speedometer for $50 plus $10 shipping, message me offline and I’ll give you my Paypal address.

Remember, the speedo has no odometer reset (open hole at bottom where plastic push rod goes), but it looks like you could take the one from your non-working speedo and simply clip it in place.

Also, the speedo now reads 71,443. I decided to unclip the motor that turns the odometer, and spin the wheels freely by hand to make sure they weren’t binding.

I couldn’t test it out, as my car has the transducer on the transmission. If it doesn’t work, send it back and I’ll refund you.

But it should, everything else in the instrument cluster I got it from works fine.