[SOLD] Triple 4.2 E-type SU carb set and manifold

(Include at least one picture)

Description: complete set, including proper rear, middle and front carbs, with both throttle and choke linkages, and overflow pipes. Manifold is clean and polished, carbs need cleaning and a rebuild. I was thinking of rebuilding them myself, but changed my mind. (Besides I never really have confidence in others work, and I expect many people feel the same, and would rather do it themselves) The carb body’s have a fair amount of build-up and grime, but the insides surface of the bells are very nice, as are the piston outside diameter. The throttle butterflies move easily and smoothly.

  1. They are the proper e-type carbs with the shorter necks
  2. It is the proper e-type manifold with the necessary drop of the carb face. ( See photos)

I’ll also include a fuel pipe that is not in good shape, but all the fittings are. I was thinking it could be unbrazed, new pipe fitted and rebrazed.

Asking price (if selling): $1600 plus actual shipping

Location: Northern California

Contact information: 925-286-8738

Cost of shipping (if selling): TBD

Willing to ship worldwide? No

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Bob would you be interested in a straight across swap for the Webers I’ve got for sale on this site?


Bob, could you email me some photos?

Hi Terry,
Thanks for the offer but I don’t think the Weber’s are for me.

Hi all

The SU’s have been sold.

Thanks everyone