[SOLD] Used oem s1 steering column brackets

(Include at least one picture)


C17684, UPPER STEEL BRACKET in very good condition
C15181 LOWER ALLOY BRACKET with new bushes also in very good condition
(from a 1965 FHC)

these will fit S1 OTS and FHC and 2+2, maybe also S1.5

$175 US shipped

Asking price (if selling): $175 US shipped

Location: Toronto

Contact information: PM

Cost of shipping (if selling): included

Willing to ship worldwide?

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Would you take $150?

Hi Jim, I can probably do that. Shipping is a bit of a killer but give me your ZIP and city and I’ll check.

Longmont, Co 80503

OK, I can do that. PM me your full address. Paypal OK?.

James Shaner 5320 Highlands Dr Longmont, CO 80503

paypal under jimshaner@msn.com

Mine is clive.wilkinson@sympatico.ca.

I guess I’m backup in Texas if this doesn’t work out. Im a bit confused. Short story is I have 68 2+2 parts on a 67 body. I have 4 holes under the dash that look like they fit this, but steering g setup has just a 2 hole bracket to support it. I think I might need a series 1 setup with parts like you were selling. Sorry to hijack, but can someone confirm this? Thanks

I’m pretty sure the column type had changed by '68 because it would have had the ignition key mechanism added. May consult the parts list or a vendor diagram.

Just an FYI, very early Series 2 cars (mine is one of them) do not have the steering wheel lock mechanism. If your car had factory AC, then the key was placed on AC control panel. If the car didn’t have factory as then the ignition switch was mounted on a figure 8 shaped bracket that mounted to the top of the steering column, with the ignition key out to the side of the column. Ask me how I know all of this and I can give you a dissertation on finding that figure 8 shaped bracket…which I have for sale…LOL