[SOLD] XJ40 new accumulator, dash pack, hydraulic tool

NOS accu

mulator.for '88 '89…$100USD
NOS dash pack '90-'94…$100
Hydraulic testing rig…$100

If you are interested and want a postal quote, please provide address or ZIP.

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I am interested to buy the diagnostic kit and the XJ40 dash. How much would it cost to send the parts to Germany, postal code 21385 ?

Kind Regards


Hello Harald,

Post cost to you by surface (boat) takes 4-6 weeks, and costs $147 Canadian, or 100E.
Air delivery in 10 days is $227C or 155E.
That is insured and with tracking.
If you want the items, please make an offer.
I have Pay Pal under leatheriquecanada@computan.on.ca

Hi Robert,

I noted that you are offering more Jaguar parts. Do you happen to have a pedal box for a Jaguar XJ40 with manual gearbox of model years 1993 or 1994 ? I am also looking for a servo steering oil pump for the XJ81 of 1994 ( without self levelling system ).

Kind Regards



I do not have a manual pedal box for your Jag.

I don’t have a power steering pump NAB3731CA

I have later X300 6 litre engines, but I guess the pumps will not work.

Did you see the new power steering rack I have? see here:


…is the steering rack new ? What is your asking price for it ?


Here is the new rack that fits your Jaguar. It is unused, and still has the centering pin in place beside the identification plate. $250C or 170Euro

The rack is too long to send by post unless I remove one or both tie rod ends to make the box smaller. You would simply refit them which is easy.

If you want the rack to be sent whole, we will have to look at courier prices which I expect will be more.

I also have these 4 books related to your model…20E for all 4. I hope you rear English.

I will accept 150E for the new instrument pack, and the hydraulic test equipment.

Thank you,



…150 euros for the dash and the kit is okay for me. I am also interested to buy the steering box, but I first need to know the extra shipping cost.
If you have more XJ81 / X300 V12 parts, lets talk. We can also exchange mails using my email address: c.h.schnieder@t-online.de.

I am generally looking for new V12 6.0l parts ( XJ81 or X300 ). Currently I need timing chain parts such as C29636, C30485, C29635 and C31068. New bearing sets and piston rings are also on my list.

Do you have a list of parts for sale ?

Kind Regards


Oops, meant to send PM