Solder filling water crossover pipe pits

1987 XJ 12 with pitted cross over pipe ends. This is the crossover at the front with the filler pipe.
The rest of the pipe is in pretty good shape and I am thinking it would be a good idea to use solder to fill in the pits.
Objectives include creating a better seal to the hoses and preventing further corrosion.
I would use plumbers flux and solder unless someone can advise otherwise.
Any thoughts on painting or coating the ends after filling the pits?

Most of that pipe is just pipe, but the junction directly over the pump inlet is critical. There is a small (5/8"?) line coming in the top that connects to the header tank. That line passes completely through the center of the junction and extends all the way down to the pump inlet, down the middle of the larger pipe. That’s so the header tank sees the absolute maximum suction for the air bleed system to work properly. If you have pitting and corrosion in that manifold, you need to confirm that that little pipe is intact. If not, you either need to fix it or look for a replacement part.

I have long recommended that the 90 degree bends on that bypass pipe be simply sawed off and the pipe installed with two 90 degree elbow hoses at the ends. It’d make installation a lot easier.

thanks for this Kirby, I’ll take a close look at the 5/8 tube.