Solex 2.4 tunning instructions

Hi everyone , I am having hi idle revs on my 2,4 it is with TWIN SOLEX.
I have just completed the bodywork rebuild and obviously everything has been unused
for some time . Has anybody got anything like handy tuning instructions on this SOLEX case?
Many Thanks

Hi Steve I use abook by Floyd Clymer’s Book of solex carburetor. It covers other cars as well as the Mk2 2.4 , it tells you how to tune the carbs on your car. And trouble shooting. I found it vey useful to me.
Also you have to make sure your ignition timming is spot on , this is quoted in the book.
I got mine off amozon about £20 but worth it.
Good Luck.
Martin Carpenter

MARTIN Hi .Thanks very much this car is in ATHENS and carb specialists are not really available.
I took a Morris Minor Tourer for timing (SU carb) and the consumption went up double. I m OK with SUs
and I manage to put it back on average ., but this JAG with solex I am lost .
Ill get the book and ill do my best.
Many thanks have a nice Easter Sunday .
Steven Eustathiou