[SOLVED] Engine cooling fans on MY94 not functioning

Some of you may remember my earlier posts about the cooling fans on my 1994 XJ6 not functioning.
I had traced the fault down to one terminal in the electrical socket for the cooling fan control relay not having power present when it was supposed to.
The wire that supplies power to this dead terminal as it runs from the fuse box forward, splits off and also supplies power to one of the cooling fans.
I had power on the leg of the Y that runs to the cooling fan but not on the other leg of the Y that goes to the relay terminal.
Today I jacked up the front left corner of the car and pulled the wheel off so I could remove the plastic liner for the wheel well.
This let me get a really good look at the harness running from the cooling fan control relay socket back towards the firewall and left front fuse box.
I was hoping to see a lump where the LSS25 splice was located but no such luck.
So I started carefully cutting away the electrical tape that was wrapped around the harness. I found that as the harness ran up across the inside top of the fender, above the front wheel, that there was only ONE solid purple wire in there.
So that told me the splice was further forward. So again I started cutting away sections of tape further forward.
Finally I found the LSS25 splice! But externally there did not seem to be anything wrong with it.

A friend who was observing my progress suggested taking a small hat or hair pin and sticking it into the harness at various points and then using my test light to see where I did and didn’t have power.
I first stuck the hat pin into the insulation around the LSS25 splice and checked it for power. Yup, power at the metal inner liner of the splice.
I did the same check on the wire just before it entered the bottom of the relay socket. Nope, no power there.
After looking around, I saw a place about 6 - 8 inches back from the bottom of the relay socket where there was a strange kink in the wire.
I grabbed it with my fingers to examine it more closely and it broke right there at the kink.

I looked at the two ends of the wire at the break and there was green corrosion right there at the break.

So I stripped the wire back about 1/4 inch at each end of the wire and used a butt splice to reattach the wires.
After that I used my test light at the two white wire terminals on the fan control temperature switch connector and as I inserted the pointy end of the test light into each terminal MY FANS TURNED ON!!!

Thanks to Don, Bryan, and Lawrence for all of the suggestions.



Persistence pays Steve - well done!

Always great to hear of these successes!