Solved issues of the year

Just to inform the group of the last works done:

In 2023 the most important works on my xi40 90
where the replacement of tires, and the brake accumulator and the repair of the fan transistor that where tha cause of the fans working only at max speed.
we also tried to repair the ac , but it failed with a huge lost of gas and oil from the compressor. I still had a lot of noise from rear suspensions even after changing some bushing ad monroe shock absorbers.

In 2024 we started a new series of repairs:

Changed front brake pads and disk (solved the braking problems and the stiffness of the brake pedal in the last part of the movement).

replaced front wheel bearings

replaced again rear shock absorbers, one was defective … from new and replaced the big bushing under the shock absorbers … finally the clunks have disapperared.

replaced the AC compressor with a new unit. Replaced ac belt, replaced dryer. Checked the system for vacuum , flushed oil , charged with r134.

at the moment the fuel tank works flaslessy, so i decided not to replace it , after it was stuck a month ago.

Now i have to repair the door mirror (no up and down but the motor whirr) and the lock of the read door that bounce and don’t open anymore.

maybe i am at the end of the tunnel?

Andrea …

Is the A/C holding pressure and cooling now ?

Generally any heavy “CLUNCK” from the rear end comes from the rear shock assemblies. Believe me I speak from long experience.

If I recall the door mirrors simply pop off and are then only connected with the heater wire connection. Now you can see the internals.

The door handles on this car are made of pot metal and very prone to cracking. The inner door panel has to come off and it is a serious pain in the butt to remove and reinstall the handle assembly. I learned years ago that cutting away some of the inner door metal around the lock makes the job much easier. Once removed check the archives for repairs or Ebay for replacements.

It is a great car but as you’re seeing it can sometimes be a very long tunnel :grinning:

Yes, now the AC Hold pressure. It was tested with nitrogen gas for 48 hours and there was no loss of pressure. Now it was filled with 800 grams of R134 gas. Here in italy is cold and the mech told me that he cannot put more gas at the moment in spring i have to come back for a check and to put 50 more grams of gas. I could not test the performance of the AC cooling because we are about 0 celsius but i can ear that the compressor engages and that the air become more dry. We will see this summer.
Now that almost all the rubber elements of the rear shock assembly has been replaced and the shocks are new the drive is a lot better and without any clunk… now i can feel that also the front suspensions need a little tuning, no strange noises but maybe i can replace some rubber bushings to have the “like new” driving experience.

The problem with the ‘bouncing lock’ in the rear door should be easy to fix. The button is moving so the actuating solenoid and electrical connection is fine, it will only require a little adjusting once you have removed the door panel.
The problem with Jaguar suspension systems, including the XJ40 is they are so good that even when they are fairly worn they still feel better than most other cars to drive and you only notice something’s gone wrong when they start to clunk and bang or your tyres start to wear unevenly.
I noticed a few bushes on my front suspension were beginning to crack but the car drove beautifully. Because it was 30 years old I decided to have every rubber bush replaced, including the engine mounts and the sub frame V mounts. At the same time I had new Bilstein shocks fitted and the springs and all the other components powder coated. The same was done to the rear end. I was expecting the drive home to feel noticeably different, but in all honesty the car felt more or less exactly the same !

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i hope so… i plan to try to open the door panel this saturday. the veneer must slide in the front or rear direction? yes sospension are really nice, but florence is a medioeval city and the surface is not very good. But if i drive in the countryside is a lot smooth. The xj must be in the best shape because in june i will be married and the XJ will the car for the bride and honeymoon !!

Lift the veneer carefully at the handle end then slide it forward about 50 mm until the hooks on the rear disengage, it will then just lift off.

thanks a lot