Some exhausting work

(peter balls) #1

Early in my 120 build I decided upon a stde exhaust, so I modified the front left body mount to allow
passage for the pipes. Down the line my intention was to enquire ,of a specialist exhaust fabricator,
the possibilty of a bespoke system. But-----
Contemplating the components of a exhaust i, e, a container eveloping perforated pipe enrobed with
sound absorbent wadding with connecting pieces of straight/bent pipe my thought was F—sod it!
I wiil have a go. Allied to this approach is the fact that I am a impecunious old age pensioner with
just the two pennies to rub together… So----
A sheet of 304, perforated pipe et al, was obtained, and the trusty old tig was rolled into position,
all 1/2 ton of it.
As an aside, when this machine is fired up you half expect Dr Who to appear, it has a cooling fan
that would be a good fit, as a prop, on the new Q E aircraftcarrier. When i look at it`s type name,
BOC Trantig AC/DC 375,
methinks thats a great album title for the boys, the cover photo showing the schoolboy wearing
a light sensitive helmet and sparks flying fron the strings of the SG. Bit late for it now perhaps!!
Anyway, Marshalling my thoughts I continue.
I decided on a box shape to maximize the internal wadding, not wanting a loud note, but if the sound
is to subdued I will shorten the front box. The covoluted flexible front pipes might/ will be changed
to solid pipes, when/if the system is deemed OK. A downside to the box shape is the possibility
of vibration of the flat surfaces. I have included internal stiffeners that ,hopefully, avoid this.
Manifolds are C type.
Peter B

(Paul Wigton) #2

VERY nice work: bet the purists go ballistic at it!

(baloo) #3

Love it! Nice fabricating.

(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #4

a purist here,that really likes it. It messes with my ethics since it is such nice work, I will have to live with this now,

(peter balls) #5

Thanks for the comments Paul, Baloo and Nick.
Nick let me alleviate and dispell your feels of guillt (sorry! just trying to keep up with the young folks)
My XK did not exist as is. The chassis , imported into the UK with ident, carried a FHC body in the USA.
The wings (fenders) are repaired originals, the bonnet (hood) is 140 roadster, the bulkhead and rearr bodywork
I have fabricated i, e I have not destroyed / carved up a 10,000 mile XK120 or even a basket case.
I have added my choice of XK120 to the fleet of very nice original spec XKs of all types that still exist.
It will stand it`s ground unashamedly.
Peter B

(CP120) #6

Hi Peter:

I love it! It is, as we used to say back in the day, very “pro-stock”! Can’t wait to see the car when it is completed.


(Nick 53 XK120 OTS) #7

OK, as I said,I do like it !, and pleased to see any XK saved, and on the road,

(John Burke) #8

Very nicely done! That’s going to be an interesting build, please keep the pics coming