Some people state that the X300 Jaguars are not "daily driver" automobiles. Why not?

I have heard the X300 (including the XJS series) automobiles are not “daily driver” automobiles. I can understand this if they aren’t maintained. Solid maintenance should render these cars (especially the 4.0L 6-cylinder models) particularly serviceable on a regular basis.

What prompted this opinion of these automobiles?

Depends who you “heard” from.

Lots of people say things. When anyone starts with “I heard…”, it usually means you have an unsubstantiated statement to make.

Then at the end, opinions are like assh… everyone’s got one!

I have a 1996 Jaguar XJS convertible that I drive everyday. In Washington DC. All four seasons. I have no garage.


Often you’ll hear derogatory opinions about Jags from people who have never owned one, or don’t know how to care for one, or cannot afford to pay someone else to care for one. :slight_smile:


As far as X300s go, well, as good as they are, by now they’re all getting to the point where age and miles can start taking a toll…like any other 25 year old car. If you have the ability, desire, means, and patience to deal with a 25 year old car (Jag, Buick, Honda, whatever) then you can have a great daily driver.

If not, you won’t.

I’ve had Jags as daily drivers since 1997. Great choice for me; I love 'em. Not the right choice for everyone, though.





As always, Sir Doug: wise words!

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I was watching a video form a man that owns, and is restoring, an XJS with a V12 that was planning on turning it into a “lump”. The man was sorting out all of the problems that he had with this vehicle (fuel tank gauge sending unit, anti-lock braking light lit, etc.) This is one of the reasons I posed this question.

I’m confused. Are you talking about the XJS (2 seater or 2+2 sports in the singular), or the XJs (plural XJ 6 and 12 saloons)? AFAIK the former is not one of the X300 series, but the latter are. Or am I wrong on that?


I watched a YouTube video entitled, “Everything wrong with my Jaguar XJS”. This was the inspiration for this thread. (It was a 1994 XJS Coupe).

So just the same father but different engine/drive train.

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The XJS is generationally a much older design than the X300. It has more components that are likely to fail because of limitations in designs and materials back in the late 60’s. The later model XJ-S’s had improved componentry in many places, but not to match the much newer X300 (derived from the XJ40 which was 15+ years later than the XJ-S.)

However, I could probably make a “Everything Wrong with My…” video for any car made in 1994 - even a Lexus LS400. (though it wouldn’t be as easy to find a troublesome LS400 as it is a XJ-S.)

Frankly, it’s the old Jag story. Due to depreciation, so many of these cars never got the maintenance required of a car of that complexity and expense. Many other marques would suffer the same fate if treated the same.



I figured as much. I believe that the X300 (X330, et. al.) if reasonably well-maintained, are just as reliable as any other marque. When Ford had invested in the brand/marque, the quality would be as good as most other high-end brands.

Essentially it sounds as if he’s bought a “fixer-upper” and is whining and moaning about hard-to-find, or non-existent (discontinued) parts.

My brothers X300 1996 is still going strong at 350,000+ klms

Still going strong Robin. Trevor owns it now and he is loving it. No major mechanical work required so far other than normal servicing

You mean the car that SAVED Jaguar!
Let me give a tip……
Don’t do drugs……
Work hard and play hard….
The x300 was the match to a 1979 Mercedes deisel wagon they just keep going and going!

Ignorance and/or Jealousy.


Some folk also automatically make the jump from “Jag” to “sub-10mpg”, harking back to the days of the V12 engine. As Mr B. says, it’s pure ignorance.

Agreed. The marque is quite special. I have learned to love the X300 series and have been eyeing an S type.

Dont go crazy…Enjoy the x 300 …only kidding a modern s type is fun BUT find the lowest mile , newest car you can.
Ive had them all…
Half the car is a modeo, so parts are cheap.

Hi Joey,I think you mean Lincoln LS for the S type?
Regards Gerry 62 Ots.

Mondeo is the X type Joey.