Someone want this alternator?

This looks like a refurb Lucas alternator. It came with my 1950 Mk V and I don’t need it. If anyone wants it and can pick it up in Oakland CA, let me know. It’s sitting on the front porch of my old hose under the awning. I’m not there anymore so I can’t ship it, but it will be there for a few days if anyone wants it. Let me know and I’ll send the address. Please don’t ask unless you can for sure get it in the next few days.

I think you will find that is a generator.


It would be perfect (generator) for my MKV but I’m a bit far, in Finland.


Hello Matt, my brother-in-law in Oakland is available to pick up the Mark V generator. Please advise next step. Cheers, Roger McWilliams

The alter… ahem, generator has found a good home.