Son - of - a..... Piston ring edition

Yep, welp. They are every bit as fragile as we have been told.

Caught it on the edge of the ring compressor. (I knew you’d ask, Wiggs)

J B Weld ?
extra 20……………………

OH. YES. I have an industrial sized tube here somewhere.

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Well, I have never done that…:grimacing:

I miss the days of NAPA’s open stock rings, about now…:confounded:

Remember: cast iron is nothing but a series of cracks, in tenuously alignment.


You could add some of that iron fortified molasses to the oil. That should allow it to heal itself.

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HEY GUYS!!! I plumb forgot… I have a TIG welder!!!

Duh… sitting right there, too.

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Hey! Be fun practice!

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My condolences. I know your pain. This was a $350 camshaft.

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Oh, %^#*¥€!, and a few more cuss words not yet invented…:pleading_face:

Ouch. That hurt.

Pfft. It’s only the oil control ring. They have bigger gaps anyway. :sunglasses:

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I’m surprised it’s a one piece ring, I would have thought it would be 4 items?

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Yea: Mitch, you’d be better off with the three-piece oil control rings. I bet Grant will sell them to ya.

I’ve got a set of 6 coming. I may pull the other 5 and swap the oil rings out, not torqued down yet.

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The new set of rings I’ve just installed feature four piece oil control rings.

Something new to me. I’ve never seen an oil scraper that wasn’t two thin rings and a spacer.

Most all engines, prior to 1965(ish?) had one-piece oil rings.

My JD hit’n miss has no oil control ring!

I must have not been paying attention. I know at least 3 pre 1960 Jaguar engines I dismantled. I probably never bothered with the old rings. Scrapped all of the old pistons.

The Grants I bought for the Rover were 4-piece, too.

They look like the Mahle 4-ring pistons? They’re what I fitted.